At the meeting of the PAC for Nuclear Physics

Organization, 15 June 2017

Summer meetings of the Programme Advisory Committees started at JINR. The PAC for Nuclear Physics started its work first (14-15 June). PAC NP Chairman M. Lewitowicz reported on the implementation of the recommendations of the previous PAC meeting. JINR Vice-Director M.G. Itkis presented information on the Resolution of the 121st session of the JINR Scientific Council (February 2017) and on the decisions of the JINR Committee of Plenipotentiaries (March 2017). He will also present this information at the meeting of the PAC for Condensed Matter Physics.

The key topic of discussions was the status of the Factory of Superheavy Elements. Reports of I.V. Kalagin and G.G. Gulbekian were devoted to the Cyclotron DC-280. S.L. Bogomolov spoke about the Ion source, A.G. Popeko spoke about the Separator, target and detection units and A.S. Fomichev spoke about the commissioning of the ACCULINNA-2 fragment separator and its first day experiments.

Yu.N. Kopatch made a proposal for the extension of the project “Design and development of the tagged neutron method for determination of the elemental structure of materials and nuclear reaction studies (project TANGRA). W. Wagner proposed a new project “Study of deeply subcritical electronuclear systems and possibilities of their application for energy production, transmutation of radioactive waste and research in the field of radiation material science. Part III. Quasi infinite target (project E&T&RM)”.

Meeting participants considered written reports on the scientific results obtained in the completed projects under the theme “Physics of Light Mesons”: the PEN-MEG Project (by N.V.Khomutov), the TRITON Project (by D.L. Demin), the PAINUC Project (by G.B. Pontecorvo). Scientific reports were made by V.O. Nesterenko — “Dipole toroidal resonance: vortical properties, anomalous deformation splitting, relation to pygmy mode” and P.V.Sedyshev — “Search for spatial parity violation effects in reactions of cold polarized neutrons with lightest nuclei”.

The agenda of the PAC NP and the following PAC’s meetings includes poster presentations of young scientists, adoption of proposals for the next PAC’s meetings and adoption of the PAC recommendations for the JINR Scientific Council.

FLNR JINR: DC-280 is being assembled, ACCULINNA-2 runs like a Swiss watch