At the meeting of the Public Council

News, 14 February 2019

“Embankment uniting the city”

This idea was proposed as the basis for the upgrade of the Mendeleev Embankment by designers of the “CENTER” agency.

The 12th meeting of the Public Council of JINR on cooperation with local government bodies of Dubna was held on 5 February 2019 in the International Conference Hall. S. Georgievsky, Director-General of the “CENTER” agency for strategic development, and A. Bondarenko, Chief Architect of the Agency, presented the project of the renovated Mendeleev Embankment. The concept of the project, as the authors noted, “is based on historical stages of the development of this territory and on elements of the environment identity; it highlights a special location of the city and the link between the territory and the surrounding landscape. Designers analysed the results of polls conducted among Dubna citizens, reported on the previous meeting with citizens, their comments and offers.

It was not the first discussion of the issue. On 8 June 2018, the JINR Public Council made a decision to support the necessity of the upgrade of the Mendeleev Embankment and the neighbouring park. The Council offered to the Dubna City Administration to pay attention to and consider comments and offers made by members of the Public Council and invited guests; it was also proposed to work out the concept of the upgrade of the embankment and hold the discussion of the developed concept at the meeting of the Public Council. To fulfil this decision, a meeting of Public Council members with representatives of the CENTER agency was held.

A. Tamonov, O. Koval, R. Jolos, B. Shestov, A. Verkheev, V. Semenov, A. Zlotnikova, S. Culicov, V. Nikolaev, D. Dryablov put questions and offers and made comments. JINR Director V. Matveev noted that designers cared about traditions, the atmosphere of Dubna and proposed to the JINR staff and citizens of Dubna to take an active part in the stage of drafting the project and then in its implementation. Such friendly control will only contribute to the renovation.

Deputy Head of the Dubna City Administration N. Timoshenko commented on the public transport in Dubna after the change of the transport company. It is commonly known that the State Unitary Enterprise of road passenger transport of the Moscow Region “Mostransavto” became the transport company of Dubna on 1 January 2019. Seven bus routes have been launched since the new year: 16 large-class buses operate on 4 routes, and 4 medium-class buses operate on three other routes. In January, Dubna citizens made critical comments concerning the schedule of the transport and the quality of the service of passengers. Several particular offers on the change of the schedule were made at the Council’s meeting. Chairman of the Council A. Tamonov proposed to the JINR staff to send in offers to the City Administration on organization of the public transport in Dubna.

In the section “miscellaneous”, the author of mosaics M. Polyakov reported on his art and offered variants of the decoration of the JINR International Conference Hall.

Evgeny Molchanov, JINR Weekly Newspaper