AYSS seminar series in JINR Scientists’ Club


The Association of Young Scientists and Specialists of JINR launches a series of seminars that will be held in the hall of the JINR Scientists’ Club (6, Joliot-Curie street, left side) on Thursdays at 4:00 PM.

Yuri Malyshkin, a postdoc from DLNP, will open the series on 19 May with the report “Baikal-GVD: at the origins of neutrino astronomy”. Yuri will share what neutrinos may tell us about the Universe, how to make a telescope of a lake, and will report on the Baikal-GVD project, which is on the way to the new era in the astronomy’s history.

If you are going to join the event of 19 May, please fill out the registration form via the link not later than 4:00 PM 17 May.

According to the supervisors of the project “Seminars in the JINR Scientists’ Club” Liudmila Kolupaeva and Varvara Maslova, the main purpose of the events is to learn scientific news from the “first hand”, what work is under way in numerous departments of the Institute. The project will promote the exchange of experiences, as well as formation of interpersonal ties between young employees from different laboratories.

“The format of the seminars is conceived as Wine&cheese. This will make the atmosphere before and after seminars more relaxed,” the supervisors note.

The main difference between seminars at the JINR Scientists’ Club and Institute seminars is that they are designed for a wider audience: the reports will differ in the way of their presentation. “We hope that news about seminars will spread quickly, and a community of young scientists will be formed who do not miss the opportunity to learn something new about the work of colleagues from other departments of the Institute,” the AYSS representatives highlight.

Records of AYSS seminars are available via the link