BM@N: progress in data analysis and facility installation noted

News, 28 October 2020

On 26 – 27 October 2020, the 6th Collaboration Meeting of the BM@N Experiments at the NICA Facility was held in Dubna in the Veksler and Baldin Laboratory of High Energy Physics JINR. At the meeting, participants considered the issues of international cooperation connected with improving the BM@N experimental facility for future work at heavy-ion beams in the framework of the implementation of the NICA mega-science project.

The event was opened by Leader of the NICA project, JINR Vice-Director V. D. Kekelidze. The meeting had the video conference format so that about 120 registered participants from different countries could take part in the event. There were traditionally three plenary sessions dedicated to detectors, software and experimental data processing.

At the plenary sessions on BM@N experiment, participants actively discussed the latest results of experimental data analysis acquired by using relativistic beams of carbon and argon ions. During the irradiation of the facility, about 150 million events have registered the analysis of which allowed obtaining information about the production of strange particles acquired in interactions of “medium” ion beams with various targets. The report by scientific partners of the BM@N experiment on the SRC project status evoke considerable interest. Studies on the search for short-range nucleon-nucleon correlations in the frames of the SRC are carried out using the BM@N detector subsystems. Participants paid much attention to the discussion of the status of the preparation for the SRC experimental programme in 2021. The issues related to the development of software for detector subsystems of the facility and the experimental data analysis were discussed in detail in parallel sections.

In general, participants of the meeting noted obvious progress in both experimental data analysis and the preparation of the facility for future runs the first of which is planned for autumn 2021.

The list of reports and presentations are available via the link.

Based on information by BM@N collaboration

BM@N facility. Photo by Elena Puzynina