Board of Directors and Special Economic Zone

News, 01 March 2021

The Board of Directors of City-Forming Enterprises of Dubna gathered for a regular meeting on 24 February. The Congress Centre of the Special Economic Zone “Dubna” was the venue as far as the main issue in the agenda of the meeting was the scientific and technical cooperation between residents of SEZ “Dubna” and organizations of the scientific and industrial complex of the city.

The meeting was attended by Director General of the SEZ “Dubna” Anton Afanasiev, Head of the Dubna City Sergey Kulikov, JINR Director Academician Grigory Trubnikov, Director General of the “Raduga” State Engineering Design Bureau JSC Vladimir Trusov, Head of the “Promtech-Dubna” company group Valery Shadrin, Chairman of the City Council of Deputies Andrey Tamonov, Chairman of the Dubna Public Chamber Victor Katrasev, Deputy Director of JSC “Tensor” Mikhail Podlesny, Director General of the SCC “Dubna” Alexander Duka, Advisor to General Director of the “Raduga” State Engineering Design Bureau Valery Prokh, Director of the Non-profit Partnership “Dubna” Alexander Raz, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Dubna Vladimir Bobrov, and Rector of the State University “Dubna” Dmitry Fursaev.

Just before the meeting, participants had a small tour of the territory of the right-bank site of the SEZ. The tour included a visit to four manufacturing companies and a tour of the newly commissioned innovation and technology centre (the third one) where small resident companies may rent premises.

General Director of the SEZ “Dubna” Anton Afanasiev reported on achievements, plans, and tasks. He noted that the Special Economic Zone had been conceived as a place to connect scientific and technological achievements with business and to turn them into an economic resource of the city and the state.

The number of resident companies has almost doubled for the last five years: from 89 to 171 with the total investments reaching 32 billion rubles. The number of working places has tripled: there are more than 4,500 of them with an average salary of 54 thousand rubles.

Not only figures demonstrate the significant role of the economic zone in the development of the science city. The project of the SEZ creation made it possible to build the long-awaited bridge across the Volga River and to establish the Federal Data Processing Centre in Dubna. More than 3 billion rubles was allocated for the construction of the “Raduga” Sports Palace, educational building No. 5 and two dormitories next to the University “Dubna”, a new medical building of the Dubna City Hospital with high-tech surgical equipment, and the reconstruction of the polyclinic.

The management company of the SEZ “Dubna” created a modern road transport network in the territory of the Russian Programming Centre and the New Industrial Zone, as well as built new joint roads, including Bolshevolzhskaya street, Constructor Seleznev street, roads from Volodarsky street to the bridge across the Volga river, from Ivankovskaya hydroelectric dam along Zhukovsky and Makarenko streets to the Russian Programming Centre, from Druzhby street to Leningradskaya street.

The contribution of the SEZ infrastructure to the development of energy networks in the city made it possible to fully meet the electricity and water needs of citizens and employers of Dubna, including the settlement of large families, the Federal Data Processing Centre, the medical building of the City Hospital, and the residential development of the Russian Programming Centre.

However, there are also a number of problems. For example, the issue of targeted housing construction for specialists of the SEZ residents has not been resolved yet. The mechanism of the scientific and technical cooperation between resident companies of the SEZ “Dubna” and organizations of the scientific and production complex of the city.

During the discussion, members of the Board of Directors agreed with proposals to unite efforts of the SEZ, the city-forming enterprises, and the municipality in solving the problem of finding and training scientists, engineers and highly qualified technical personnel for all enterprises and organizations of Dubna. It was decided to hold joint job fairs, to make the competition of youth scientific and technical projects for school children and students annual. Participants also decided to unite for the construction of housing for specialists of enterprises.

The Board of Directors of City-Forming Enterprises of Dubna intends to create a Coordination Council for the issues of interaction of the SEZ “Dubna” with organizations of the science city. The Administration of the Dubna City District, the Council of Deputies, and all interested companies can send their representatives to participate in its work.

Rector of the State University “Dubna” Dmitry Fursaev continued discussing the topic of professional training of specialists. He spoke about the resumption of a joint educational project of the City Administration and the University “School of Personnel Reserve”. Mixed attendance education is provided on-the-job (main study) and includes lectures, seminars, discussions, conferences, internships, excursions to enterprises, business games, workshops, etc. Enrollment is already underway. Classes will start in April. The defence of theses is scheduled for November.

The final report of the meeting also included the decision to update the composition of the working group for the implementation of the Strategy of Social and Economic Development of the Science City of Dubna for 2017 – 2026. The group was established by the Board of Directors in September 2018 with the goal to prepare the list of priority fields requiring coordination of actions taken by local governments and the city-forming enterprises.

Board of Directors of City-Forming Enterprises of Dubna
Photo by Special Economic Zone “Dubna”