Cancellation of events

Culture, 20 March 2020

Due to the aggravation of the epidemiological situation all events of the JINR Cultural Centre “Mir” scheduled between 21 March to 13 April 2020 were cancelled by the decree of the Administration of the Dubna city district of the Moscow region №108-ПА of 13 March 2020 “About additional sanitary and anti-epidemic measures”.

* * *

Due to the epidemiological situation, the Blokhintsev Public Library of the JINR is closed from 20 March to 13 April 2020. During this time, we do not accept and issue books during this time.

All events are canceled. Please, join online events of the Library.

* * *

Update 23.03.20: Sports facilities of JINR (“Archimedes” swimming pool, JINR Sports Club, JINR Stadium “Nauka” and its buildings) are closed from 23 March 2020 until further notice.