Championship of Russia in Obninsk

Culture, 03 May 2018

On 27 – 29 April 2018, a swimming championship of Russia was held in the fitness centre “Olimp”. More than 600 participants presented 69 Russian swimming clubs as well as competed individually. Some records of Europe were beaten and several new records of Russia were established.

The Dubna swimming club “105th element” was represented by 12 sportsmen. Irina Evtukhovich (distances 50 and 100 m of backstroke), Maria Alikina (400 m of medley swimming) and Dmitry Bychkov (50 m breaststroke) became champions of Russia 2018.

Vice-champions of this year were Irina Migulina at the distance 200 m of breaststroke, Svetlana Gikal and Svetlana Smirnova at the 100 m distance of butterfly and Anna Sergeeva at the 200 m distance of medley swimming. Two bronze medals were won in the 4*50 male medley-swimming race by Kuznetsov G., Bychkov D., Malnev A., Borisov K. and in the 4*50 mixed medley-swimming race by Burova N., Bychkov D., Melnev A., Klidzhan V. In other races, excellent timing was shown, but unfortunately, our sportsmen could not win the prizes in this hard struggle. Other 8 bronze medals in individual competitions were won by Burova N. (2), Migulina I. (2), Keznetsov G. (2), Malnev A. and Sergeeva A.

It is gratifying that young athletes who are able to represent Dubna decently at large-scale competitions join the CLub.

We congratulate the club “105th element” on excellent results at the Russian championship 2018.

Irina Migulina, Swimming Club “105th element”