COVID-19: News from JINR departments

News, 22 May 2020

Chiefs of JINR subdivisions told correspondent of the JINR Weekly Newspaper Olga Tarantina about how the Institute’s units work and how new realities of life have affected their functioning.

V. V. Zhuravlev, Chief of the JINR Motor Transport Service: “Our division continues to work, and all operational tasks are performed in compliance with the law requirements. Employees of the Motor Transport Service wear masks, and vehicle salons are sanitized after each trip. We try not to involve staff over the age of 65.”

A. I. Leonov, Chief Power Engineer of JINR: “In General, nothing has changed In the Chief Power Engineer’s Department. We have continuous production, and duty shifts also work at all boiler and filter stations. We call the management staff into work as necessary: to count salaries, make registers and payment invoices for Dubna citizens. About half of our specialists work every day, we change them; if someone is needed, we call in additional specialists.

We do not carry out any repairs or scheduled preventive maintenance at the moment, but only emergency work is carried out if necessary. We plan to start some preparatory work for the scheduled preventive maintenance in May, taking into account sanitary and epidemiological requirements.

Employees of the Chief Power Engineer’s Department work in masks, the JINR civil defense service provides us with the necessary amount of protective equipment, and non-contact temperature measuring of employees of all departments is held every day.”

S. E. Tkachenko, Chief of the JINR Repair and Construction Site: “Our site works according he order of the JINR and the decree of the RF President. Employees over 65 years of age do not go to work; the rest work, all of them are provided with masks.

We are currently working at the following addresses: 11 Joliot-Curie, 19 Joliot-Curie, polyclinic of Medical Unit No. 9 (3rd floor), building No. 44 of the FLNP. The JINR administrative building at 11 Joliot-Curie was completely renovated and now the repair is nearing completion. We are repairing the third floor of the polyclinic building: last year we completed 40 percent; and now we are planning another 20 percent. Repairs are carried out with replacement of electrical wiring, ventilation, sanitary equipment. In building No. 44 of the FLNP, we completely renovated the second and third floors; the first floor still needs repairing. The building at 19 Joliot-Curie will be transferred to the climbing section after our work is completed.”