Dark Matter Day 2020


On 31 October 2020, Dark Matter Day will be celebrated for the fourth time.

Participants of Dark Matter Day will try to understand the mysteries of dark matter and present the research and experiments that may help to solve the puzzle.

Blokhinstsev Universal Public Library of JINR will present the programme dedicated to this event. Due to the restrictions caused by the pandemic, all the events will be held online.

What is new in the study of dark matter? Has a particle candidate been finally found dark matter may consist of? Does it consist of anything?

On 24 October, the JINR Library published an interview with Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, a BLTP leading researcher A. N. Baushev. Anton Baushev’s scientific interests include the hidden mass of the Universe and its study. The scientist answered questions about the most mysterious substance of the Universe in the interview.

For everyone interested in participating in the event, the Library organized a scientific quiz that is underway these days. The lecture by A. N. Baushev may help find answers for the quiz. Dmitry Tsirkov (JINR) is a scientific editor of the event. The winners will be announced on 31 October and will receive prizes.

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