Day of National Cuisine of Ukraine

Culture, 14 April 2021

In the framework of the 65th anniversary of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, the Institute holds traditional Days of National Cuisine of the JINR Member States. On 21 April, one of such events will take place in the café of the International Conference Hall. It will be the Day of Ukrainian Cuisine.

We invite all guests and citizens of the city to taste dishes that are popular and beloved by many people. And what dishes exactly will be a surprise. Come and find out! Admission is free. All menu items will be presented on the distribution line. It will be delicious, we promise!

Café opening hours: from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Address: ICH, 2, Stroiteley street.

In the future, the International Conference Hall is going to hold Days of National Cuisine of other Member States as well with a frequency of about once a month. Follow our ads and join us!