Day off on vaccination day and day to rest after it

Organization, 29 December 2021

This is the way the JINR Directorate has decided to support employees who are getting vaccinated. Vaccination and revaccination against COVID-19 are available daily, 24 hours a day in the emergency room of Medical Unit No.9. Vaccination in the medical points at both sites of the Institute will be available again after the new year holidays.

Upon the Order of the JINR Director of 6 December 2021, employees getting vaccinated and revaccinated against COVID-19 are granted two paid days off – on the day of vaccination and the day after it. Moreover, days off are provided at each stage of vaccination with a two- or one-component vaccine. In case the vaccination day coincides with a weekend or a non-working holiday, then the paid days off are provided from the day coming after it. The second paid day off may be rescheduled for any other convenient time in agreement with the direct manager. The vaccination day should be agreed upon with them as well.

Nowadays, almost all the registered in Russia vaccines, namely Sputnik V, CoviVac, and Sputnik light, are available for the JINR staff.

The JINR Directorate considers the health and life maintenance of the staff as its highest priority and appreciates the responsible approach of the personnel to vaccination and revaccination. This gives a chance to the maximum possible number of employees to forget about the remote working regime and return to the in-person working mode together with their friendly teams in the coming year.