Discussing prospects for Ukraine–JINR cooperation in Kharkiv

News, 07 September 2021

From 6 to 10 September 2021, the Workshop “Prospects of cooperation of Ukraine with JINR” is taking place at the Institute for Scintillation Materials NAS of Ukraine (Kharkiv).

At plenary and regular sessions, participants of the event discuss neutrino research, ionizing radiation detectors, nuclear science for biomedical applications, and cloud computing as the fields promising for enhancement of the cooperation of scientists from JINR and Ukraine. Moreover, participants will discuss the NICA project and nanoscience.

The programme of the event also includes the international workshop for young scientists “Functional materials for technical and biomedical applications”. It will continue the famous workshop “Scintillation Processes and Materials for the Registration of ionizing Radiation”. The scientific program of the workshop includes lectures on critical problems of crystal growth, application of functional materials, physics of nanosized systems, application of luminescent methods in medical diagnostics and biological research. Leading experts will read lectures. Furthermore, participants of the workshop have an opportunity to present their original scientific results. The best articles on the materials of the reports will be recommended for publication in the journal “Functional Materials”.

The agenda of the Workshop «Prospects of cooperation of Ukraine with JINR» also includes the lectures “Ukrainian art in the Centre Pompidou” and “The story of a picture”.

An important aspect of international cooperation in the fields of nuclear physics and materials science is to consolidate scholarly research, engineering, and financial resources of countries for creating international research organizations and implementing large-scale projects in modern science and technology. The Workshop in Kharkiv serves this purpose.

The cooperation of Ukrainian R&D organizations and companies with JINR have a positive effect on creative and innovative processes, including the development and study of new high-tech materials. Collaboration with JINR gives Ukrainian researchers access to modern methods of physical research and unique equipment at leading international R&D centers. Teachers, students, and schoolchildren from Ukraine have additional opportunities to work with the cutting-edge methods, modern equipment and innovative approaches in the field of science and technology.