DSPIN-19 was launched in Dubna

News, 02 September 2019

Today, on 2 September 2019 the 18th Workshop on High Energy Spin Physics (DSPIN-19) was started in the Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics JINR in Dubna. The 18th Workshop was organized by the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research and the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI.

The 18th Workshop takes place in Dubna with the support of JINR and the International Spin Physics Committee as a joint Dubna-Prague-Warsaw Workshop.

The Workshop offers an opportunity to a large group of physicists and students from Russia and other JINR Member States to get acquainted with the most recent experimental and theoretical results in the spin physics. The working language of the Workshop is English.

Scientific Program of the Workshop covers a wide range of spin phenomena at high and intermediate energies such as:

  • recent experimental data on spin physics,
  • nucleon spin structure and GPD’s,
  • spin physics and QCD,
  • spin physics in the Standard Model and beyond,
  • T-odd spin effects,
  • polarization and heavy ion physics,
  • spin in gravity and astrophysics,
  • spin physics at NICA,
  • future spin physics facilities,
  • polarimeters for high energy polarized beams,
  • acceleration and storage of polarized beams, new polarization technologies, spintronics of nanostructures,
  • related subjects.

The Workshop will continue until 6 September. The Workshop Proceedings will be published soon after the Workshop in Open Access Journal of Physics: Conference Series (JPCS).

The First Workshop on High Energy Spin Physics chaired by Prof. L.I. Lapidus was held in Dubna in 1981. This was followed by the series of biennial workshops in the odd years in between Spin Symposia. The recent one was in Dubna on September 11-15, 2017. The Proceedings of the workshop were published in Open Access Journal of Physics: Conference Series J.Phys. Conf. Ser. 938 (2017) and presentations of all talks are available on the website of DSPIN-17.