Dubna Yandex.Lyceum will be opened in autumn

Education, 29 August 2019

It is an educational project for school children who want to learn programming. The Yandex.Lyceum will allow them to acquire knowledge and skills for free that will be sufficient for work as an intern or junior developer.

Schoolchildren will learn to programme using Python, one of the most demanded programming languages. It is not very difficult to learn and allows programmers to solve numerous tasks: it is used by YouTube, NASA, Yandex, and many other companies.

The programme of the Yandex.Lyceum is developed by the School of Data Processing the graduates of which are highly evaluated at the labour market. During the first year of the course, students of the Lyceum will learn the theory and techniques in practical work. The second year will be devoted to educational projects.

The Yandex.Lyceum will work in Dubna on the platform of the Academician Flerov Lyceum #6. Lessons will be held in the evenings twice a week, so it will be easy to combine them with the study at school. Experienced teachers Rosa N. Ershova and Alexandra V. Shornikova, who have had training in Yandex, will deliver lessons. The academic year will start in October.

Interview with teachers of the Yandex.Lyceum in Dubna R. N. Ershova and A. V. Shornikova © News 360°

The Yandex.Lyceum operates with the support of regional ministries and bodies that supervise education and the IT field. Nowadays, the project works on 128 platforms in 58 cities of Russia and Kazakhstan. The Yandex.Lyceum in Dubna is supported by the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research.

Admission to the Lyceum is carried out on a competition basis. 8- and 9-grade students can apply. To win an opportunity to study in the Lyceum an applicant should pass two selection stages:

  • Online test on the website of the Lyceum from 30 August to 11 September. Everyone who will successfully pass the online test will get an email with an invitation for a personal interview.
  • Personal interviews will take place in the Lyceum #6 from 16 to 22 September.

The list of accepted students will be available not later than 29 September. More details about admission are available on the Lyceum’s website. Any questions about the Yandex.Lyceum platform in Dubna may be sent to the VKontakte group of the Lyceum or via the website.