Enrolment for creative teams of Cultural Centre “Mir”

Culture, 23 August 2021

The JINR Cultural Centre “Mir” announces enrolment for its creative teams (season 2021 – 2022):

  • Vocal ensemble “Metelitsa” (directed by Vladimir Nemtsev)
    invites adult fans of popular songs of the past;
  • Children’s theatrical studio “Balaganchik” (directed by Yuliana Kukarnikova)
    invites children aged 4-16;
  • Choir Capella “Belcanto” (directed by Elena Khritankova)
    invites young people and adults from 18 years old;
  • Chamber Choir “Credo” (directed by Irina Kachkalova)
    invites men aged from 18;
  • “Ballet of Dubna” (directed by Inessa Zaitseva)
    invites 5 – 7-year-old children;
    the ballet hall of the Cultural Centre “Mir”
    (phone: +7 (496) 214-05-37);
  • Ballet Studio “Fantasia” for children (directed by Sergey Denisov)
    invites 3 – 7-year-old children;
    training on the site of the JINR Cultural Centre “Mir” and Gymnasium No. 11 of the Rhapsody Arts School (phone +7 (496) 216-39-79);

Phone for inquiries: +7 (496) 214-59-04
Website: https://dkmir-dubna.ru/
Group on VKontakte: https://vk.com/dkmirdubna