Enrolment for creative teams of Cultural Centre “Mir”

Culture, 10 August 2023

The JINR Cultural Centre “Mir” announces enrolment to its creative teams (season 2023 – 2024):

  • Credo Chamber Choir
    (directed by Irina Kachkalova, +7-903-578-21-70)
    invites people with tenors, basses, and baritones to the male group of the choir;
  • Belcanto Choir Capella
    (directed by Elena Khritankova, +7-903-970-07-77)
    invites young people and adults from the age of 18;
  • Metelitsa Vocal Ensemble
    (directed by Vladimir Nemtsev, +7-905-587-89-30)
    invites men and women over 45, who are fans of popular songs of the past;
  • Al-Andalus Flamenco Dance School
    (directed by Margarita Perez, +7-926-593-23-98)
    invites adults, aged 20 and above with a basic dance training;
  • The Fifth Element Dance Studio
    (directed by Varvara Gorlanova, +7 (904) 012 26 58)
    invites children 4 – 5 years old for choreography classes, as well as children aged 13 and above with dance or sports training, to join the main composition of the studio;
  • Fantasia Ballet Studio of the Rhapsody Arts School
    (directed by Sergey Denisov, +7-906-036-49-21)
    invites children 4 – 7 years old;
  • Dubna Ballet of the Inspiration Arts School
    (directed by Inessa Zaitseva, +7-926-574-17-65)
    invites children 5 – 7 years old;
  • Japanese Kendo Fencing Club “Dubna”
    (directed by Pavel Nekhoroshkov, +7 (916) 701 00 29)
    invites children 3 – 7 years old;
  • Dance club “Philosophy dance”
    (directed by Artur Borodin, +7 (924) 544 79 20)
    invites adults, fans of pair lively dances, namely tango, bachata, and other Latin American dances. Fast learning from scratch.