Exhibition dedicated to 66th JINR anniversary in Science and Technology Library

News, 23 March 2022

The literature exhibition on the occasion of the 66th JINR anniversary at the JINR Science and Technology Library is called “Science brings nations together”. The exhibition will be available from 23 March to 10 April 2022. Pages of collections and journal articles present the history of the Institute’s creation, main areas of activity and international cooperation, scientific achievements and prospects for development.

A photocopy of the Pravda newspaper dated 12 July 1956 sets the stage of the exhibition. It includes the publication of the Agreement on the Establishment of JINR and the Charter of JINR. The Agreement was signed by representatives of 11 governments in July 1956 , and ratified in December 1999 . The collection “Streets and Alleys of Dubna” (Dubna, 2015) presents photographs and articles about scientists who stood at the origins of the Institute and greatly contributed to the development of international cooperation. JINR alleys bear their names. Wang Ganchang, V. Votruba, M. Danysz, L. Infeld, H. Niewodniczański, V. Petrzelka, H. Y. Hristov, H. Hulubei, Ș. Țițeica, L. Jánossy, and others are among the foreign scientists’ names.

The modern development period of JINR is illustrated in the photo albums “Scientific Dubna through the Eyes of Yury Tumanov” (Dubna: JINR, 2011) and “JINR: New Time” (RMP Publishing House, 2021). The collected photographs reflect the results achieved by the multinational team of the Institute. The exhibition also displays collections published on previous anniversaries of the Institute. “Dubna — an Island of Stability. History of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Outline (1956–2006)” (Moscow Publishing House “Academkniga”, 2006) and “JINR: time, events, people” (Dubna Publishing House “Fenix+ ”, 2016) are among them. The book “Conversation held… Chronicle, interviews, diaries” by E. M. Molchanov (Moscow Publishing House “Etherna ”, 2011) is always of great interest to readers. It covers 15 years of JINR life (from 1997 to 2010, which were not the easiest for Russia and other JINR Member States). The exhibition also exposes the book “German Scientists and Specialists in the Soviet Atomic Project: Documents, Comments, Memoirs” (Moscow Publishing House “KURS”, 2021) by R. G. Pose, recently presented by the author. An entire chapter of this book is devoted to work of German scientists at JINR.

Books, journal articles, and preprints devoted to JINR’s participation in various international collaborations and experiments, including the JINR-CERN cooperation, take a large place at the exhibition. Moreover, guests can get acquainted with the table of JINR employees’ publication activities. It covers the number of joint publications by JINR authors together with authors from other countries (according to the world scientometric database “Web of science”).

We hope that the exhibition will contribute to the understanding that only united efforts of scientists from different countries can solve the mystery of the Universe and microcosm for the benefit of all humankind. Welcome to the exhibition!

We offer to your attention the presentation about the ongoing exhibition prepared by the Science and Technology Library.