Extension of the regime of self-isolation

News, 30 May 2020

The JINR Operational Headquarters for preventing the spread of coronavirus infection informs the Institute’s employees of the following information. By order of the JINR Director, the previously introduced regime of remote work, as well as self-isolation for employees aged 65 and older, was extended until 14 June. The existing suspension of work of some JINR’s divisions has also been extended for this period.

Sending employees on foreign business trips, as well as admission of citizens from foreign countries, including hiring by JINR, has been suspended until further notice. Sending employees on business trips in Russia is possible only in agreement with the JINR Vice-Directors.

Taking into account the gradual easing of restrictions on work of enterprises in the Moscow region, the JINR Directorate will develop a plan of necessary measures for gradual resumption of the Institute’s activities, subject to obligatory compliance with the requirements established measures of sanitary protection. Due to further updates on conditions of high alert regime implementation in the Moscow region issued by the Governor of the Moscow region please be informed that:

  1. the regime of obligatory self-isolation, obligatory “face mask regime”, social distancing, the ban on holding mass events, restrictions on activities of some organizations have been extended until 14 June.
  2. the number of reasons for leaving place of residence (stay) was increased. In addition to getting medical help, commute to work and purchasing goods (services), taking out garbage, walking pets, it is allowed to do outdoor sports, as well as walking.
    Sports activities are allowed for no more than two people together with the distance of at least 5 meters between them (if they are not family members and do not live together). Use of courtyards and playgrounds is not allowed yet.
    Walking is allowed for no more than two people together with obligatory social distancing. It is still forbidden to visit places of mass stay of the people, including sports grounds and children’s playgrounds.
    At the same time, in the case of sports or walking on the territory of parks and recreation, the use of personal respiratory protection equipment (masks, respirators) is obligatory.
  3. starting from 1 June, the following is allowed: libraries can be reopened (by issuing books in person by appointment via the official website or by phone); open air movie showing; enterprises that provide services for repairing computers, personal items and household items (except delivery services and remote maintenance), including laundry and dry cleaning, as well as some non-food stores.
    The objects listed above can be resumed if they comply with the approved COVID-19 protection standards and with prior notification to the Moscow region and local government authorities.
  4. it becomes possible to resume operation of kindergartens subject to a positive decision by the sanitary supervision authorities of the Moscow region.

JINR Operational Headquarters