FCC Conceptual Design Report was released

World science, 16 January 2019

Geneva, 15 January 2019. Today, the Future Circular Collider (FCC) collaboration submitted its Conceptual Design Report (CDR) for publication, a four-volume document that presents the different options for a large circular collider of the future. It showcases the great physics opportunities offered by machines of unprecedented energy and intensity and describes the technical challenges, cost and schedule for realisation.

The FCC study started in 2014 and stems directly from the previous update of the European Strategy, approved in May 2013, which recommended that design and feasibility studies be conducted in order for Europe “to be in a position to propose an ambitious post-LHC accelerator project at CERN by the time of the next Strategy update”. The FCC would provide electron-positron, proton-proton and ion-ion collisions at unprecedented energies and intensities, with the possibility of electron-proton and electron-ion collisions.

It should be reminded that the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, jointly with other Russian scientific centres, takes an active part in development of the world largest scientific facility with the unique tasks – the Future Circular Collider – that is planned to be constructed in Switzerland in the 2030s.

Image © CERN

Source: CERN Press release