First-Order Phase Transition from Hypernuclear Matter to Deconfined Quark Matter

Publications, 10 January 2020

We are glad to bring to your attention a new preprint «First-Order Phase Transition from Hypernuclear Matter to Deconfined Quark Matter Obeying New Constraints from Compact Star Observations» E2-2019-41 published by the JINR Publishing Department. The authors of the work are Shahrbaf M. et al.


We reconsider the problem of the «hyperon puzzle» and its suggested solution by quark deconfinement within the two-phase approach where the hypernuclear equation of state is obtained from the lowest-order constrained variational method and a rigid quark matter equation of state based on the color superconducting nonlocal Nambu—Jona—Lasinio model with constant coefficients (model A) and with density-dependent coefficients (model B). With model B we introduce for the first time an equation of state of hybrid stars with an intermediate hypernuclear phase between the nuclear and the color superconducting quark matter phases, for which the maximum mass of compact stars reaches 2.2 M⊙ in accordance with the latest observations for PSR J0740 + 6620. We discuss phase transition solutions in symmetric matter with possible applications in future energy scan programs in heavy-ion collisions at CERN, RHIC, NICA and FAIR.