Graduates of the University “Dubna” will continue their work in JINR

Education, 17 June 2019

On 13 June 2019, a defence of Master theses by nine students of the Department of Physical and Technical Systems of the State University “Dubna” was held.

Graduates of the Department Anton Druzhinin, Alexander Dyatlov, Alexander Klyagin, Sergey Melnikov, Kirill Mikhailov, Veronica Smirnova, Evgeny Sukhov, Valentin Ustinov, and Dmitry Shokin reported on their first achievements in world-level experiments in which JINR scientists take part, and expressed their wish to continue their work in related scientific groups.

In particular, Evgeny Sukhov and Valentin Ustinov currently work at the creation of the radiation-resistant front hadron calorimeter of the CMS experiment carried out in CERN. They created a unique experimental stand for this aim and reflected the significance of conducted scintillation research on the VBLHEP JINR basis in their theses. Results of their work have repeatedly been reported at meetings in CERN and other conferences. Moreover, a publication in the “CMS Notes” issue is being prepared.

Other students shared significant research as well, from neutron activation analysis of the age and contents of archaeological findings (Veronica Smirnova) to the creation and using of storage rings (Sergey Melnikov). Students have repeatedly reported on the results of their work at international conferences and have publications in peer-reviewed journals.

Dmitry Dryablov, VBLHEP JINR