“Theory of Hadronic Matter Under Extreme Conditions”

News, 17 September 2019

This week, from 16 to 19 September 2019, the 2nd International Workshop “Theory of Hadronic Matter Under Extreme Conditions” is held in the International Conference Hall in Dubna. The Conference is organized by the Bogoluibov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics JINR. The first meeting of the series was held in Dubna in 2016.

This year, more than 80 scientists from Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Moldova, Mongolia, Poland, the RSA, Russia, the UK, and Ukraine came to participate in the Workshop.

The scientific programme of the Conference covers the following main topics and related methods:

  • Confinement & chiral symmetry breaking in QCD
  • Hadronic matter at nonzero temperature and baryon density
  • QCD phase diagram
  • Hydrodynamic and kinetic approaches to dense matter
  • Approach to equilibrium
  • Critical phenomena in finite statistical systems
  • Strong electromagnetic fields in relativistic heavy ion collisions
  • Lattice QCD
  • Functional continuum methods
  • Models of confinement and hadronization in QCD

In its nature, theoretical investigations in the fields of relativistic heavy-ion collisions have a multidisciplinary character involving physics at various energy scales. They demand not only to solve a number of fundamental problems but also phenomenological studies directly connected with experiments. The progress in this field relies on a coherent implementation of a wide range of methods of quantum chromodynamics, relativistic nuclear physics, kinetic theory, hydrodynamics and physics of critical phenomena in finite shortly-lived systems. Construction of the Complex of Superconducting Rings for Heavy Ion Colliding Beams NICA sets up an auspicious environment for enhancement of theoretical physics activities at JINR related to relativistic heavy ion physics.