Happy International Women’s Day!

News, 07 March 2023

Dear women, the better half of the humanity and our Joint Institute!

I am sending you my greetings from the ice of Lake Baikal and cordially congratulate you on International Women’s Day!

You are the driving force, the heart of the JINR international team. Your ability to be brilliant, creative, dedicated yet charming professionals is fascinating. Your wisdom and sensibility, your love make this world beautiful. You bring harmony, give us inspiration and desire to create and reach new heights. These are your delicate shoulders that provide men with invaluable support and strength. Thank you for everything you do!

I wish all of you, your and our female colleagues in scientific centres of Russia and abroad happiness, success in the career, fulfillment of the bravest ideas and desires, and, of course, love!

JINR Director Grigory Trubnikov, Happy International Women’s Day!