Happy New Year 2018!

News, 27 December 2017

Dear colleagues, JINR employees!

On the eve of 2018, we are traditionally summing up the results of the expiring year, and we can see that our Institute successfully concludes the first year of the Seven-Year Plan and enters the new era of its development basing on the trinity of its fundamentals. They are fundamental research at the advanced level of modern physics, international scientific cooperation, and a cross-disciplinary approach to research that includes wide educational programmes connected with search for talented scientists, innovative solutions, research at the interface of sciences in which nuclear-physical methods open new ways for implementation of knowledge acquired in related sciences. We also evaluate results of 25-year long stage of modern development of JINR after the collapse of the Soviet Union and political and economic changes in the JINR Member States. This process meant, in fact, the beginning of the “new era” in the JINR international status development, and, this 25th anniversary should be celebrated by merit.

Today it is of great pleasure to note that the Seven-Year Plan objects are being actively worked at. I would like to express my deep gratitude to the Russian Government that entirely fulfills its responsibilities to JINR, and express appreciation to governments of the JINR Member States for their support to JINR.

I would like to express gratitude to all JINR staff members who provide really enthusiastic and effective development. It is of great pleasure to see that everything is going in right directions, and we believe that we finish the first year of the Seven-Year Plan with positive results and real hope that the launched projects will be completed.

I congratulate the JINR multinational staff, all our partners from the Member States and all Dubna citizens on New Year 2018 and Christmas! I believe that we have ground to look forward with hope and optimism. I wish you good health and happiness!

JINR Director Academician V.A. Matveev