Igor Ivanov and Dmitry Naumov told Meduza about neutrino physics

Interview, 12 January 2021

For example, data about neutrinos coming to Earth from deep space will be soon obtained from the bottom of Lake Baikal where one of the world largest neutrino telescopes has been constructed for many years. In the same year, the gigantic neutrino detector JUNO will be launched in China, and the German KATRIN is supposed to give information about the results of mass measurements of these strange particles.

Physicists Igor Ivanov and Dmitry Naumov explain why particularly neutrinos are coming to the fore in the new year and what studies on them should be followed.

3: 38, 10 January 2021. Source: Meduza

Nobody:… Absolutely nobody:… “Meduza”: “Actually, the main thing in 2021 is neutrino!”

Be ready to retrain from virologists to physicists. Russian scientists are already building the largest neutrino telescope in the depths of Lake Baikal.

Bair Shaibonov / Baikal-GVD / RAS Institute for Nuclear Research

After many years of a break and the technical update, the Large Hadron Collider was supposed to be launched in 2021 but due to the COVID-19, this event had to be postponed. However, significant processes turned out to be in the shadow of the collider in recent years. These processes related to microworld physics, and they can finally bring results in 2021. The most important of them relate to neutrino studies, including the actual start of neutrino astronomy, the launch of one of the largest neutrino telescopes on Lake Baikal, the start of experiments on neutrino mass measurement that are directly related to the search of New Physics going beyond the well-known Standard Model. So, we can call 2021 the year of neutrinos. Meduza asked Dmitry Naumov and Igor Ivanov from the Laboratory of Nuclear Problems of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research why this happens. The story turned out to be long and not quite of the usual style of Meduza. But we enjoyed reading it. You can enjoy this as well!