Igor Nikolayevich Semenyushkin turns 90

Organization, 30 December 2018

On 30 December 2018, a famous Russian scientist, a specialist in the field of accelerator physics and technology, the consultant at the Directorate of the Veksler and Baldin Laboratory of High Energy Physics Igor Nikolayevich Semenyushkin turns 90. During 26 years of being Deputy Director of the Laboratory, he has been organizing and coordinating joint work of physical groups and departments of the accelerator complex.

I.N. Semenyushkin greatly contributed to the long-term efficient operation of the accelerator complex, its modernization and development of the first accelerator complex of relativistic nuclei. During 26 years, being the Deputy Director for scientific work of LHE, Igor Nikolayevich directly participated in the solution of many scientific and technical issues of establishment and development of an injection complex, increase of intensity of beams of protons and nuclei, extension of opportunities for setting up new experiments on extracted beams of the accelerator and ensuring effective and accurate work of the accelerator complex of LHE in general.

Among new bright areas of work carried out in the frames of modernization of the LHE accelerator complex of that time was the creation of sources of heavy ions and polarized nuclei. These devices and developed techniques have been widely used at the new superconducting accelerator Nuclotron and are currently the basis for the planned modes of operation of the injection complex of the NICA in modes of collision of heavy ions and polarized protons and deuterons. Igor Nikolayevich is the author and co-author of many scientific publications on important issues of the accelerator complex of the Laboratory.

For his achievements in scientific and organizational activities I.N. Semenyushkin was awarded two orders “Badge of Honor”, a Large Silver Medal of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences “For Services to Science and Humanity”, the Anniversary Badge “50 years of the Nuclear Industry”. Igor Nikolaevich was awarded the title of “Veteran of Nuclear Energy and Industry” and “Honorary Employee of JINR”.

We congratulate Igor Nikolayevich on his 90th anniversary and wish him good health and to maintain his labour and civil activity for the benefit of the Laboratory and Institute for many years more.

The VBLHEP Directorate and colleagues