Inauguration of the Head of Dubna city district held at the JINR site

News, 12 November 2020

Today, on 12 November, the JINR Scientists’ Club hosted a festive ceremony of the inauguration of new Head of the Dubna city district Sergey Kulikov.

The event was attended by representatives of the Moscow Regional Duma, the City Administration, the City Council of Deputies, heads of the Dubna city-forming enterprises, the Directorate of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research. Ex-heads of Dubna Valery Prokh, Vyacheslav Mukhin, Alexander Usov and Maxim Danilov also took part in the ceremony. Officially assuming the post of the head of the Dubna city district, Sergey Kulikov took the oath with his hand put on the Charter of the city of Dubna.

The ceremony was continued with welcoming speeches by deputies of the Moscow Regional Duma. Alexander Orlov noted that Sergey Kulikov is aware of Dubna’s problems and expectations of citizens like nobody else. He also expressed support on behalf of the Moscow Regional Duma for the implementation of his ideas and work for the benefit of Dubna. Marina Shevchenko expressed confidence that Sergey Kulikov would continue the progressive development of Dubna in all areas and noted the importance of coordinated work performed by reliable and loyal team of the head’s colleagues for the implementation of this goal. Dmitry Kononenko in his speech highlighted the necessity of efficient development of the economy of Dubna.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of City-Forming Enterprises of Dubna, Director-General of JSC ICB Raduga Vladimir Trusov congratulated Sergey Kulikov. Archpriest of the Dubna-Taldom Church District Pavel Murzich welcomed the new head of the city on behalf of the clergy.

JINR First Vice-Director Academician Grigory Trubnikov congratulated Sergey Kulikov on behalf of the multinational team of JINR and Director of the Institute Academician Victor Matveev. He noted great trust shown to the new head of Dubna by citizens of the city, the city-forming companies, the Council of Deputies and Governor of the Moscow region Andrey Vorobyev: “We wish you good health and bright thoughts in this difficult but very interesting post. We wish you to create a strong, efficient, brave team that will effectively solve tactical problems and that will not lose concentration under the pressure of strategic issues as far as our city is truly unique. It is our burden, our hard challenge; but it is also the happiness of our lives: it is a luck to be involved into the development of such marvellous city and to communicate with wonderful people. As our colleagues have said, Dubna is at the forefront not only in the Moscow region but also in Russia. The Joint Institute assures you that we will always be with you, we will overcome challenges and enjoy victories together with the city, and we are always ready to back you.”

At the end of the ceremony, new Head of Dubna Sergey Kulikov addressed to the audience and highlighted that it is a huge honour for him to head the city, “I would like to express gratitude to Governor of the Moscow Region Andrey Yurievich Vorobyev who supported me, Deputy of the RF State Assembly Irina Konstantinovna Rodnina, deputies of the Regional Duma and Igor Yurievich Bryntsalov, deputies of the Council of Deputies, the city-forming enterprises, and, of course, my family who said to me, ‘go forward, and we will support you.’ I am grateful to the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research where we are today and its Directorate for providing me with an opportunity to grow not only in science but in the management field as well. I will apply all my competences to the full extent to make life in the city better. Our team and I will use the best techniques already applied in the city in practice for its development. Nowadays, the strategy of the development of Dubna science city is being approved, the new stage of the city’s development is underway. I hope that together with you we will develop our city so that any citizen of Dubna feels care for them, so that to develop the economy of the city and its social issues, including culture, sports, and education. It is possible only thanks to city-forming companies and enterprises that operate in Dubna.”

Photos © Group of Dubna City Administration on VKontakte

Earlier, on 30 October, Sergey Kulikov was unanimously elected to the position of the Head of the City by the Council of Deputies of the Dubna city district for a five-year term. The decision of the Dubna Council of Deputies came into force from the moment of its adoption and instructed the newly elected head of the Dubna city district to take office no later than 29 November 2020.

It should be reminded that Sergey Kulikov started working at JINR in 1999 after a long way from an intern researcher to the Head of the Scientific and Experimental Department of the Spectrometer Complex. Since 2009, Sergey Kulikov was a Deputy in the Council of Deputies of the Dubna city district, and since 2018, he headed the Council as its Chairman. In 2006, Sergey Kulikov obtained the degree of Candidate of Physics and Mathematics, and in 2018, he received the degree of Doctor of Physics and Mathematics. After work at JINR in 2020, Sergey Kulikov was appointed the Acting Head of the Dubna city district.