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Patents, 31 January 2019

The Licensing and Intellectual Property Department of JINR announces that on 17 January 2019, the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research received a patent for the invention “Method of analysis of atomic composition of organic substances and device for its implementation”. The authors of the work are Tyutyunnikov Sergei Ivanovich and Shalyapin Valeriy Nikolaevich.

JINR staff congratulates the authors on receiving the patent for their invention!

More details about the invention

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of analysis of the composition of substances and concerns a method for analyzing the atomic composition of organic substances. When implementing the method, the analyte is placed as a sample of a sample weighing 50–100 mg in a special cavity of the plasma torch, add up to 0.5 ml of a solution of an element of the internal standard with a concentration of 10-4 g/g, open the flow of argon with a flow rate of 0.1 l/min and heat the sample for 1 hour at a temperature of 150–300°C in argon atmosphere. Then turn on the filamentous HF discharge in the mode of initiating the discharge filament from the sample itself and exciting the emission of sample particles up to 0.1 mm in size into the discharge. Amplitude spectral analysis of the radiation of these particles is carried out relative to the intensities of the spectral lines of the atoms of the internal standard. Method is carried out using a device having a plasma torch in the form of a cylinder, rolling in a truncated cone. Cylindricaltube ofsmaller diameter with a retaining ring is inserted into the burner coaxially. Sample is placed in the internal gap between the transition of the burner cone and the end of the tube of smaller diameter.
EFFECT: technical result is to increase the sensitivity and simplify the measurement procedure.

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