Information of JINR Operational Headquarters about influenza vaccination

Organization, 27 September 2020

Dear JINR employees,

since 15.09.2020, JINR staff members may be vaccinated against influenza in the health centre of the DLNP site and in room 417 of the adult polyclinic of the Medical Unit No. 9 of the FMBA of Russia (from 12:00 to 2:00 PM, we recommend that you make a preliminary appointment). Vaccination at the VBLHEP site will be available since 05.10.2020 after the medical assistant of the health care returns from vacation.

Immunization is available for all the JINR employees regardless of the Dubna polyclinics they are attached to. Information about vaccinations will be passed to them.

As of 24.09.2020, 124 staff members have been already immunized with “Sovigripp” vaccine.

The JINR administration and the Medical Unit No.9 of the FMBA of Russia took all the measures to purchase the “Ultrix Quadri” vaccine recommended for people from the risk group. Until now, vaccines are distributed only centrally; the “Ultrix Quadri” vaccine is expected to be purchased after 20.10.2020.

For any additional information about immunization, please contact Head of the Polyclinic Kovalev Alexander Nikolaevich (tel. +7 (496) 214-80-91).

JINR Operational Headquarters