Information of the JINR Operational Headquarters: Clarification of Orders

News, 08 July 2021

Dear colleagues, the Operational Headquarters for preventing the spread of coronavirus infection brings to your attention clarification on the execution of the Resolutions of the Governor of the Moscow region No.213-ПГ of 28.06.2021 and of the Chief Medical Officer of the Moscow region No.3 of 16.06.2021 and JINR Orders No.493 of 16.06.2021 and No.556 of 02.07.2021 deriving therefrom.

1. In accordance with JINR Order No.493 of 16.06.2021, admission to the DLNP and VBLHEP technical sites is permitted for employees not included in the list of those performing their jobs remotely. Based on this Order, heads of divisions should prepare lists of employees working directly at their workplaces and having immune to the coronavirus infection COVID-19 (recovered and/or fully vaccinated), and the Security Service, together with military unit 3559, is requested to admit to the technical sites only the employees involved in work directly at the sites.

This order excludes the possibility of in-person participation of the employees not on the lists of recovered and/or fully vaccinated in the Institute’s public activities, including meetings, seminars, conferences, schools, etc., as well as secondment of them to other organizations in Russia and abroad.

Order No.493 of 16.06.2021 provides that the funding allocated by the Incentive Fund to the structural subdivisions must be primarily used for the employees included in the lists and performing their jobs directly at their workplaces.

2. In accordance with JINR Order No.556 of 02.07.2021:

a) Preventive vaccination must be provided, as a matter of priority, to JINR employees, including those working at the following facilities (areas):

  • Physical culture and sports centers, swimming pools;
  • Catering services;
  • Education and health care;
  • Housing maintenance and utilities, power sector;
  • Cultural, exhibition, and educational activities (including in museums, exhibition halls, libraries, at lectures and training courses);
  • Leisure, entertainment, and recreation events (including play activities, workshops);
  • Concert halls;
  • Popular sports activities;

b) At least 60% of the total number of employees must be vaccinated with a first dose of the vaccine by the deadline of 15.07.2021; and at least 60% of the employees should be vaccinated with a second dose of the vaccine until 15.08.2021;

c) Employees with contradictions against preventive vaccination against COVID-19 or those who have overcome COVID-19 not more than 6 calendar months ago are required to provide a medical certificate or documentary confirmation of recovering from this disease;

d) It has been explained that JINR reserves the right to suspend from work (not to admit to work) the persons who have not presented the documents listed in item c) within the deadline, until the circumstances that have led to suspension from work or non-admission to work are eliminated.

3. Since the adoption of Orders Nos.493 and 556, the number of JINR employees interested in vaccination has increased. With a view to bringing the level of vaccination at JINR to 60-70% as soon as possible, as well as simplifying and optimizing the vaccination campaign, the Operational Headquarters and Medical Unit No.9 took the following decisions:

  • To cancel the reservation and preliminary lists for vaccination in the Operational Headquarters;
  • To open a second vaccination room for JINR employees in Medical Unit No.9 (appointment is made the day before from 9:00 to 10:00 by tel. +7 (49621)66490);
  • To continue the vaccination at the health posts of the DLNP (tel. +7 (49621)2456) and VBLHEP (tel. +7 (49621)62068) sites;
  • To continue coronavirus testing using PCR technique in Medical Unit No.9 by prior appointment at the Headquarters with L. Yu. Stolypina (tel. +7 (49621)63049);
  • To recommend that JINR employees should postpone revaccination until September except for specific medical indications.

JINR Operational Headquarters