Information of the JINR Operational Headquarters

News, 23 May 2020

Due to updates on the high-alert regime in the Moscow region, the JINR Operational Headquarters informs Institute’s employees of the following important information.

  1. Since 23 May, the obligation to obtain digital passes for moving in the Moscow region has been canceled, and previously issued passes remain valid until 27 May. At the same time, the earlier restrictions on moving remain.

    At the same time, starting from 27 May, moving using transport around Moscow will be possible only with digital passes issued directly for moving in the capital, and the use of passes for the Moscow region from this date will be impossible (including those issued by JINR through public services). Specialists of JINR are studying the possibility of centralized issuance of work passes for moving around Moscow for JINR employees from 27 May, in particular for those who live in Moscow and those who need to visit the capital regularly.
  2. Since 22 May, according to the decree of the Governor of the Moscow Region, citizens are recommended to strictly follow the following recommendations (this recommendation is a duty):

    — use personal respiratory protection equipment (masks, respirators) at any time while being outdoors,
    — use personal protective equipment (gloves) when in public (including all retail facilities, pharmacies, public transport, including transportation of passengers and luggage by taxi service, railway transport, railway stations, stations, passenger platforms, pedestrian decks, bridges and tunnels, at all enterprises that continue their work, in public areas of apartment buildings, medical organizations), as well as at any time while being outdoors.
  3. Organizations whose activities require joint stay of citizens are charged with the duty to prevent citizens without personal respiratory protection equipment from entering buildings, structures, structures (units inside) in which the activities of such organizations are carried out. are charged with the duty to prevent employees who do not use personal respiratory protection equipment (masks, respirators) from entering the workplace and / or territory.
  4. Multifunctional centres of the Moscow region for face-to-face reception of applicants for some services partially reactivated.

Head of the Operational Headquarters Grigory Shirkov