International conference in Nor-Amberd

News, 04 October 2021

On 5 October 2021, the International conference “Modern problems of genetics, radiobiology, radioecology and evolution” (GRRE2021) starts in a mixed format in Nor-Amberd, Armenia. The Conference held for the 5th time is dedicated to N. W. Timofeev-Ressovsky and his scientific school.

The programme of the Conference is divided into thematic days consisting of oral reports, plenary sessions, and poster presentations. Each day will be concluded with thematic discussions: “Mechanisms of variability”, “Low radiation: mechanisms and effects”, “Dependence of biodiversity on radiation characteristics and environment conditions”, and “The evolution of complexity”.

In addition to the Conference itself, leading researchers from scientific and educational centres of the world will read lectures for students at Yerevan State University. Thus, within the framework of the lecture programme, Scientific Leader of the Joint Institute Victor Matveev will present on JINR research, and a VBLHEP chief researcher Vladimir Nikitin will read the lecture “A strange, charm, beautiful … world!”.

Moreover, on the sidelines of the Conference, there will be a competition for young scientists at which researchers will make presentations. Scientific papers by young scientists will be published in the Collection “Nor Amberd. Papers by Young scientists” (JINR, 2021). Students with the best presentations corresponding to the JINR scientific directions can be invited for an internship and pre-graduation practice at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research.

In addition, the programme of the Conference offers participants to learn about studies of cosmic rays, research of isotopes and their production at A. I. Alikhanian National Science Laboratory. Participants will also have an opportunity to visit the Armenian NPP and get acquainted with the CANDLE project at the Synchroton Research Institute.