International Meeting “NICA SPD experiment at JINR”

News, 12 September 2020

On 15 September, the International Meeting “NICA SPD experiment at JINR” will be held in the video conference format. This is the first meeting of the online series organized to provide a more profound understanding of the SPD project, the second largest project at the experimental physical facility of the NICA complex.

Organizers of the event hope that the meeting “SPD experiment at NICA collider in JINR” will contribute to the development of international cooperation in the frames of the SPD project and expansion of the SPD scientific collaboration. Several dozens of representatives from scientific and administrative organizations of the Czech Republic, Egypt, India, Italy, the RSA, and Serbia will take part in the event.

The unique peculiarity of the NICA collider is that it will operate with polarized proton and deuteron beams so that it will be possible to study an extensive range of spin-dependent phenomena in hadron collisions. It is for these purposes that the SPD facility (Spin Physics Detector) is being created, one of the two experimental facilities at the interaction points of beams at NICA.

The implementation of the ambitious research programme with beams of polarized particles requires careful preparation, planning, development, and production of the detector base for the SPD experiment. The youngest and actively developing collaboration of the NICA project “SPD collaboration” is in charge of it. The collaboration was initiated in summer 2019 at the International Workshop “SPD at NICA-2019”. About 20 institutes, universities and scientific and research organizations of the JINR Member States, as well as Italy, France, China, and others, have already joined the collaboration.

Two webinars will continue the series of meetings dedicated to the SPD project: “Gluon content of proton and deuteron at SPD” (30 September — 1 October) and «Physics programme for the first stage of the NICA SPD experiment» (5 — 6 October). The webinars are organized in the frames of the preparation of the conceptual project of the SPD experiment. The first of them will consider the major issue of the SPD physical programme in detail, namely the study of polarized gluon structure of the proton and the deuteron. The second one will be devoted to research that can be carried out at initial stages of the operation of the collider and the SPD facility. Dozens on theoreticians and experimenters from JINR, Russian universities and institutes, as well as scientific organizations of Japan, Germany, Italy, France, the USA, the Netherlands, Armenia, Greece, the Czech Republic, and Portugal will be speakers at the events.