International Physics and Mathematics Lyceum opened in Dubna

Education, 01 September 2021

Today, the Physics and Mathematics Lyceum created with active participation of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research opened its doors for students in Dubna. The Lyceum is named after Academician V. G. Kadyshevsky, a Russian theoretical physicist, a major specialist in the fields of particle theory and high energy physics, the JINR Director in 1992-2005.

“Our Lyceum is named after Vladimir Georgievich Kadushevsky, an exceptionally large-scale personality. He was an outstanding scientist, theoretical physicist, extraordinary politician and diplomat, a wonderful philosopher, musician. He was a versatile person with a strong character, driven, able to attract thousands of people and do great things of the scale of not only a city and a country but also the whole world. I hope that studying at this Lyceum you will gain and develop the traits, which will make each and one of you the same extraordinary people,” JINR Director Grigory Trubnikov noted addressing Lyceum students at the festive gathering.

215 school students, including children from the JINR Member States, entered the Lyceum. The number of foreign students at the Lyceum is planned to be annually increased. Creators of the Lyceum believe that joint study of children representing various nationalities enriches the communication experience of all the students of the educational process, allows them to learn about cultures of different countries.

The aim of the new educational institution in Dubna is to create a comfortable polycultural educational environment for the harmonious development of young members of our society, revealing their talents.

There will be three specialisation: physics and mathematics, IT and technology, biology and chemistry. Regardless of the specialisation, all students will learn extensively a foreign language. Students will not only master a state programme but also study additional subjects. The Lyceum is equipped with laboratories in which children will learn 3D modelling, robotics, engineering graphics.

Trips to museums and theatres, meetings with interesting people, work on research projects, various sports and cultural events will complement the educational programme of the Lyceum.

“You will have all the best and modern: sports, culture, the most engaging and exciting leisure time. And your teachers are wonderful and outstanding. The best teachers not only from Dubna but also from all over the Russian Federation have joined the teaching team of the Lyceum. Be open-minded, be brave, be responsible!”, Grigory Trubnikov advised students of the new Lyceum.

Speaking at the festive meeting, JINR Director Academician Grigory Trubnikov expressed gratitude to Dubna enterprises, Head of the Dubna City Sergey Kulikov, and conveyed special thanks to Governor of the Moscow region Andrey Vorobyev, the entire friendly and professional team of the Government of the Moscow region for energetic help thanks to which the Lyceum was created in the shortest possible time.

Director of the Lyceum Yuri Kurlapov said that the most motivated and education-oriented 5-10 grade schoolchildren of Dubna were selected for the first academic year in the Lyceum. There will be 2 classes in each parallel except for the 9th grade – there is only one such class. School students who applied for the study at the Lyceum were selected based on the certificates, results of Olympiads and competitions, electives and participation in scientific and technical schools. Only 9-grade students were supposed to do the tasks to enter the Lyceum. 10-grade students were accepted based on the results of the state exam in specialised subjects.

“This is a lyceum for those who will move forward entire Russia, the Moscow region, the Joint Institute, all other city enterprises. Russia is a leader in many fields of science, economy. But it is necessary to move forward, and this development is entrusted to you,” Yu. P. Kurlapov highlighted in his welcoming speech.

“We make the first steps to ensure that the Regional Physics and Mathematics Lyceum gains momentum and becomes one of the city flagships that would provide guidelines for other schools,” Head of the City, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics Sergey Kulikov said.

The opening day of the Lyceum was special not only for students but for their parents as well.

Marina Kopeikina, mother of two Lyceum students: “Misha – the eldest son – entered the 9th grade. He used to study with Yuri Petrovich Kurlapov at the physics and mathematics class of the “Polis-Lyceum”. My daughter Masha studied at School No. 11, and then she was on family training for several years. She entered the 6th grade of the Lyceum, and she is mainly keen on biological specialisation. Both of them entered the Lyceum based on certificates: my daughter has only A marks. I am happy that we waited for the opening of the Lyceum. I think that there will be a good quality of education”.

Tatyana Dydyshko, mother of a 6-grade student: “Our family has a succession of generations: once our father studied in this building, and now our daughter will study here. She was very eager to enter the Lyceum, she studied as good as possible for the entire year. We are very happy, we are thrilled like we are entering the first grade. I hope that there will be great teachers and the best children, that everyone will do their best, study hard, there will be a team, and the atmosphere will be like in the international school of young researchers “Dialogue” in which Dasha has taken part twice. There are a lot of “Dialogue” children. Dasha is keen on Maths. She is ready to sacrifice everything – dances, drawing – to study here. Daughter said that she wants to be a programmer. I would not be surprised if she really chooses a technical specialisation.”

Opening of the Physics and Mathematics Lyceum named after Academician V. G. Kadyshevsky

Photos by Igor Lapenko and Elena Puzynina