International School on Ion Collider Physics

Education, 28 October 2019

Today, the Joint-US-CERN-Japan-Russia International Accelerator School “Ion Collider Physics” started in the Resident Hotel of the Special Economic School “Dubna”. Organizers of the School are JINR, INP SB RAS, CERN, KEK, the USPAS programme with the support of the RFBR. The International Organizing Committee of the School is chaired by RAS Corresponding Member Igor Meshkov (JINR); Co-chairmen are RAS Academician Boris Sharkov (JINR) and Dr. Eugeny Levichev (BINP). The School will be held up to 6 November.

More than 70 participants from Belgium, China, Germany, India, Japan, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Poland, Russia, Switzerland have registered for the School. The School will be of great interest for young staff members and students of accelerator laboratories, university departments and companies producing accelerating equipment who wish to learn more about accelerator science and technology. The programme covers a wide range of issues related to modern colliders and trends for further development of accelerator technology. Beam dynamics, ion sources, RF-systems, vacuum technologies and simulation tools: this is only a partial list of lectures. Leading scientists from world-leading scientific centres, such as INP SB RAS, MEPhI, JINR, CERN, CLS (University of Saskatchewan), GSI, JAEA, KEK, will deliver lectures at the event.

In the frames of the School, participants will visit the Laboratory of High Energy Physics JINR to get acquainted with the NICA mega-science project and the laboratory’s scientific infrastructure.

Moreover, the programme includes several Q&A sessions and provides an opportunity for participants to work on realistic case studies as an integral part of the programme. Students will make their oral presentations on the final day of the School after which participants will sum up the milestones of the event at the final discussion.