Internship for young scientists from the CIS countries started

Education, 14 February 2020

On 14 February, a regular Internship for young scientists from the CIS countries was launched in the Green Hall of the International Conference Hall in Dubna. The Internship is held by the International Innovative Nanotechnology Centre of the CIS countries (ININC) with the support of the Intergovernmental Foundation for Educational, Scientific and Cultural Cooperation and the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research. The Internship will last for 30 days. Head of the FLNP Sector of Raman Spectroscopy G. M. Arzumanyan welcomed participants of the Internship and delivered an introductory lecture on the research fields of JINR. ININC Director A. V. Ruzaev told the audience about the history of the establishment of the centre, aims and fields of its activities. Moreover, Head of the Social Infrastructure Management Office A. V. Tamonov delivered a speech at the opening ceremony.

The event is aimed at active involvement of the scientific youth in the international scientific and technological cooperation based on the Innovation Nanotechnology Center of the CIS countries ( and, including:

  • acquaintance with the latest achievements in fundamental research conducted by JINR;
  • mastering interdisciplinary approaches in scientific research in the fields of nano-, bio- and information technologies;
  • gaining experience of participation in scientific discussions on topical issues of physics, chemistry, biology, material science, innovation management;
  • acquaintance with existing institutions of innovative development in the CIS countries and the European Union;
  • learning theory and practice of innovation management and technology commercialization;
  • exchange of research experience;
  • joint development of scientific and innovative projects during the Internship.

During the Internship, participants will have classes on scientific issues, innovations, and attracting investment in research projects. Participants of the Internship will be divided into groups, and each group will work on the project related to the activities of the ININC and the participation of the CIS countries in this project. Training will take place on the basis of the JINR laboratories, at Dubna University and in innovation enterprises of the city. The Internship will be held according to the scientific and educational programme that includes the following:

  • overview reports on modern problems of physics with a focus on modern nanotechnologies;
  • lectures on major research methods of nanosystems and materials;
  • practical training on the development and implementation of own scientific and innovative projects;
  • visits to existing innovative companies that are residents of the Special Economic Zona “Dubna”;
  • reports by participants of the Internship.

The Internship will be concluded with the defence of scientific and technical and/or innovative projects implemented by temporary creative scientific teams. As a result of the participation in the Programme, the interns will be eligible to apply for a grant to implement joint scientific projects of ININC.