IP Orchestra concert in Synchrophasotron building

News, 15 March 2023

On 17 February, a concert of the IP Symphony Orchestra dedicated to the end of the fourth commissioning run at the NICA Accelerator Complex took place in the Synchrophasotron building of VBLHEP JINR.

The forth commissioning run has become the longest in the history of the NICA Megascience Project. During the run, the team adjusted the joint operation of key accelerators, achieved a record for the Nuclotron intensity of a xenon nuclei beam, and collected significant statistics at the BM@N Facility. In addition, a number of applied studies have been conducted with the participation of partner research institutes.

In his opening address, JINR Director Grigory Trubnikov congratulated the staff on the successful end of the run. He expressed gratitude to the project participants and all the involved employees of the Institute, noting the collaborative and dedicated work of the team. “I think there will be even longer and no less successful runs in the future,” JINR Director stressed.

The concert was performed by the guests from Saint Petersburg, the IP Orchestra conducted by Igor Ponomarenko. Addressing the audience, the orchestra leader noted the beautiful concert hall designed in the building of the legendary Synchrophasotron.

The concert featured world hits of pop and rock music accompanied by a colourful light show. The listeners were members of the NICA Project team and the VBLHEP team, employees of the Institute’s services and departments, participants of the 133rd session of the JINR Scientific Council.