iThemba LABS-JINR joint workshop

Conferences, 02 December 2016

The joint workshop of iThemba LABS and JINR was held on 2 December 2016 in the iThemba LABS co-chaired by its Director Faical Azaiez and JINR Vice-Director Grigory Trubnikov. On the JINR side the workshop was attended by representatives of the FLNR, VBLHEP and LRB, who came to participate in the Forum “RSA-JINR 10 years together”.

The main target was to identify the cooperation directions development. The plenary part of the workshop was devoted to exchange on development of experimental facilities of the both institutions, while during the second part focus group discussions were held among joint teams on radiobiology, accelerators and detectors.

The active cooperation with the Laboratory of Radiation Biology will continue. There were several new tasks of mutual interests identified in ongoing cooperation with the Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions aimed at the development of the facility for radioactive beams of iThemba LABS and development of the cyclotron complex at FLNR. The ideas on possible cooperation with the NICA project were also tabled, in particular, an opportunity for localization of production of some MPD parts will be examined.

As per the decisions of the 16th Joint Coordination Committee on RSA-JINR cooperation the new ideas, which resulted from the workshop, should be formalised as the proposals for the Joint Research Projects. The selected new projects will get support by the RSA-JINR Agreement for the next 2 years already in March 2017.