JINR at the Day of People’s Unity

News, 06 November 2018

On 4 November 2018, JINR took part in a large-scale festive event dedicated to the Day of People’s Unity organized by the Civic Chamber of the Moscow Region jointly with the Main Office of Social Communications (MOSC) of the Moscow Region. In the “MEGA” mall at the topical stand “Science” representatives of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research demonstrated layouts of existing and constructed basic facilities of JINR, told the audience about the fields of JINR scientific activities as well as demonstrated spectacular physical experiments to the youngest visitors of the event.

The celebration was launched by Minister of the Government of the Moscow Region for Social Communications Irina Pleshchyova and Head of the Khimki city Dmitry Voloshin. Opera singers and artists of the School-Studio “Yunye Alexandrovtsy” (lit. “young Alexander’s followers”) of the A.V. Alexandrov Academic Song and Dance Ensemble performed at the event. At midday, a bright flash mob took place in the MEGA mall when historical characters connected with the Moscow Region began to gather in the centre of the mall’s atrium. Knights, vityazes, astronauts, scientists and musicians gathered in the shopping centre and sang the Russian anthem. In addition, as part of the celebration of the Day of People’s Unity in the “MEGA” mall, installations were organized at which the municipalities of the Moscow Region presented the key historical events of different years. Dubna presented scientific achievements, Ruza, Podolsk, Kolomna and Zaraysk gave an overview historical events from the times of Dmitry Donskoy to the Great Patriotic War. Zvyozdny gorodok organized a fascinating space section, and Khimki dedicated its installation to great musicians. In addition, the programme of the event included lecture courses in the format of a 30-minute conversation with autograph and photo sessions at which Marina Yudenich, Head of the Khimki city district Dmitry Voloshin and an actor Alexey Ogurtsov performed. In total, more than 10,000 people took part in the festive events.

The Day of People’s Unity in Khimki, the report by News 360°