JINR-based department in Kazan

Education, 22 January 2017

A JINR-based department will be established at the Institute of Physics, of the Kazan Federal University. This decision was adopted during a working visit of the University leaders to Dubna.

Vice-Rector of the Kazan Federal University Dmitry Tayursky: “Department of Nuclear Physics Materials Science is still a working title. It will be a joint department of our University and the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research. At the first stage staff members of the Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics will participate in work of the Department. I would like to emphasize that we are talking about cooperation with not an academic institute, but with the world’s largest international scientific organization.”

Director of the Institute of Physics Sergey Nikitin: “Cooperation with the Laboratory of Neutron Physics will allow us to use neutron methods of research of condensed matter. It should be noted that there is already a significant intersection on objects of research: strongly correlated electronic systems, thin films, multiferroics… I am sure that our cooperation will develop intensively”.


The signing of the agreement on cooperation between the Kazan Federal University and the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, as well as an agreement on establishment of a joint department is scheduled for 26 March 2017, when JINR Foundation Day will be celebrated.

The cooperation of the two scientific institutions from different regions of the country will not be restricted to research in the fields of physics. Opportunities of interaction are very wide. JINR can provide ecologists of the Kazan University with its achievements in the fields of analysis of air and water pollution, environmental biomonitoring; journalism students will have an opportunity to practice in JINR with further posting of their journalistic works on the website of the Kazan Federal University and on the UniverTV channel.

In the frames of a joint master’s programme students of the University will have an opportunity to perform experimental work directly on the JINR equipment. In addition, the University students will be able to participate in the summer scientific schools organized by the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research.

KFU has positive experience of cooperation with JINR: the school for young scientists “Modern nuclear physics and nuclear medicine” was successfully held on 3 and 4 September 2016 in Kazan at the Institute of physics. It was held in the frames of the International Symposium on one of the most important and intensively developing areas of nuclear physics – the physics of exotic nuclei – “EXON 2016” (5-10 September 2016, KFU, Kazan).

On information of the Kazan Federal University

Institute of Physics KFU. Photo kazanfirst.ru