JINR-based department in SPBU

News, 20 June 2019

On 4 June 2019, a defence of graduation theses by Master students of the JINR-based Department of Information and Nuclear Technologies (INT) was held in the St. Petersburg State University. During the pre-degree practice and preparation of graduation theses, students demonstrated high-level professional preparedness and solved complicated practical tasks aimed at the successful development of the NICA project. All presented theses were honoured to get the highest marks.

Alumni 2019: Anton Shekhovtsev, Maxim Efimov, Nikita Khromov. Scientific Secretary of the Department E. M. Khabarova, Head of the Department A. O. Sidorin

The Department was established in 2017 in SPBU at the Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Management Processes on the initiative of Academician G. V. Trubnikov, Dean of the Faculty Prof. L. A. Petrosian, and Head of the Department of Control Systems Theory for Electrophysical Facilities (CSTEF) Prof. D. A. Ovsyannikov. Establishment of the JINR-based department was actively supported by JINR Director Victor A. Matveev.

The activities of the Department are aimed at training Master students able to develop mathematical models for modern equipment, participate in large-scale international projects in the fields of nuclear physics, first of all, in the creation of the mega-science facility NICA in JINR. Training of specialists is carried out in the frames of the basic educational programme “Сontrol Processes of MEGA-Science Facilities”. The programme implemented jointly by specialists from the INT and CSTEF combines the best achievements of SPBU and JINR in the fields of training the staff. On one hand, it is deep learning of the physical principles of operation of large-scale research facilities with the original course. On the other hand, it includes learning of methods scientifically grounded quantitative analysis of non-standard tasks on the control of complex technical objects, the area of expertise in which SPBU is one of the world-acknowledged leaders. The uniqueness of the programme is that learning of control processes is carried out with actual participation of Master students in the creation of a mega-science facility.

The first year of study is held in St. Petersburg by CSTEF specialists, and since the third semester, education is provided in JINR. The pre-degree practice and preparation of graduation theses are held at JINR facilities. Graduate theses are defended in SPBU.

Head of the CSTEF Department Dmitry A. Ovsyannikov is well-known in our Institute. Two bright Russian conferences on heavy particle accelerators (RuPAC-2012, RuPAC-2016) were held in St. Petersburg on his initiative. He is a constant organizer as well as life and soul of conferences of the BDO series (Beam Dynamics Optimization). Modelling of particles’ dynamics in accelerators of the NICA complex is conducted under his supervision.

Development and teaching of courses delivered in JINR are conducted by such prominent specialists as RAS Corresponding Member I. N. Meshkov, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics S. A. Kostromin, Candidate of Technical Sciences V. V. Kobets. Major courses are devoted to modelling of charged particles’ dynamics in accelerators, control of the phase-space volume of beams, analysis and optimization of superconducting magnet systems, high-frequency accelerator systems. One of the first in Russia courses dedicated to control systems of large-scale physical facilities was designed by an active developer of the control system for the NICA complex E. S. Sedykh. The programme also includes introductory courses “JINR basic facilities” and “NICA mega-science project”.

Modern educational technologies, including distant lessons in the format of webinars, are actively used in education. Jointly with UC JINR, video courses are being prepared.

The Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Control Processes is located in small but picturesque Petergof, a famous city of fountains in the south of St. Petersburg.

Evening before the defence

First-year students are provided with a dormitory in Petergof and an additional scholarship. This year, entrance tests will be held from 23 July to 5 August.

For any additional information, please contact Secretary of the Department Elena M. Khabarova: +7-906-061-98-30.

Anatoly Sidorin