Congratulations on Institute’s Foundation Day from JINR Director

Organization, 24 March 2022

On 26 March 1956, the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, an international intergovernmental scientific centre, was established in Dubna. Painstaking labour of scientists and laboratories from all over the world has resulted in decades of successful work. On yet another birthday of the Institute, I would like to thank the multinational strong team of the Institute, JINR veterans, as well as hundreds of our partners worldwide for the contribution they make to the development of JINR, our bright centre, our common International Home on the Volga!

We are actively living, growing, and building big joint plans. All together! Nowadays, cohesion and solidarity in the scientific community for the benefit of peace are more significant for all of us than ever. JINR professes the value of equality of scientists from all over the world, regardless of their citizenship, race, gender, religion, ethnic origin, and views. Our task is to bring new knowledge and our scientific results to the entire world scientific community. We are building scientific bridges and will steadily enhance the research environment in Dubna and our Member States.

I sincerely hope for your further support and cooperation.

Science brings nations together!

JINR Director, RAS Academician Grigory Trubnikov