JINR Director: I congratulate you, dear women!

Organization, 07 March 2017

I congratulate all female staff members of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, the University “Dubna”, and all the women of our wonderful city of Dubna, scientific centers and enterprises which we were fortunate to cooperate with on the International Women’s Day 8 March!

Your smiles and beauty set a special atmosphere of a friendly attitude in JINR laboratories, departments and units. Our daily labour is inspired by your presence. Each of you is a mother or a wife, a sister or a bride, and it gives our lives the meaning, helps us to overcome obstacles and achieve new heights.

I would like to express my special gratitude to women working in our Institute and in science in general. Without your patience, accuracy and discipline it would be impossible to obtain experimental data, to perform sophisticated analytical calculations, to organize and support the work of scientists.

I wish you happiness and every success – whether it’s your career or your home, may all your aspirations be crowned with success. On behalf of all men of our Institute, I wish you good health, prosperity and more joyful events and, of course, spring mood for the whole year!

Academician Victor Matveev,
Director of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research