Information on coronavirus for JINR employees

News, 13 March 2020

The health of employees and guests of the Institute is the highest priority of the JINR Directorate. Please get acquainted with up-to-date information about the current situation and measures taken by the Directorate to prevent the spread of infections and to ensure health defence of our multinational staff.

At the moment, no cases of the COVID-2019 virus have been registered in the Institute.

Employees returning from countries with the poor epidemiological situation are put in the quarantine for 14 days under medical supervision.

Since the first cases of virus infection in China registered, the Institute took timely and efficient measures to recall employees from business trips and put them in quarantine.

To minimize the risks of the coronavirus spread in the JINR territory, the city, and the country, we ask all the JINR staff members to take the information below responsibly.

1. We ask all the Institute’s employees to comply with the basic hygiene requirements:

  • wash your hands frequently and thoroughly (at least 30 seconds);
  • use an alcohol-based hand rub if there are no sinks and soup available;
  • avoid close contacts with strangers (do not shake hands, do not hug);
  • keep distance, especially with people showing any signs of illness (cough, difficulty breathing);
  • when sneezing or coughing, cover your mouth not with hands but with a flexed elbow;
  • regularly ventilate the premises;
  • use masks, individual dishes, disposable napkins.

Information leaflets about precautions measures will be distributed in public areas.

2. We should remind you that employees returning from countries with the poor epidemiological situation should stay at home on the quarantine during 14 days regardless of whether they have any ARVI symptoms or not. All employees put in the quarantine may get the official sick leave contacting the clinic in which they are registered. They are either allowed to arrange a remote mode of work (at home) contacting their divisions. Violation of the quarantine by staff members of the international organization is unacceptable.

JINR Operational Headquarters
for preventing the spread of the coronavirus