JINR Directorate’s official information on current situation with coronavirus and JINR work on 13-30 April

Organization, 14 April 2020

of the JINR Directorate on the current situation and the measures taken
in the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research
to prevent the spread of the coronavirus infection COVID-19,
as well as on work of the Institute from 13 to 30 April 2020

In order to inform the staff of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, we hereby state the following:

The JINR Operational Headquarters for preventing the spread of coronavirus infection (Chaired by JINR Assistant Director G. D. Shirkov) carries out a daily monitoring of the situation with the incidence, maintains contacts with federal, regional and city governmental bodies and medical organizations, informs the staff about the current situation and gives recommendations, as well as takes measures aimed to minimize the risks of the JINR staff incidence with the disease.

In order to ensure the safety of the operation of nuclear and radiation hazardous objects of JINR, the COVID-19 testing of the staff members employed at them is organized. Moreover, it is now being considered to take additional measures to protect the staff of crucially important objects.

Basing on the decisions previously taken by the Director of the Institute to transfer a part of the staff to remote work, as well as on the regulations of the Russian Federation and the Moscow region, each division has selected employees who can work remotely, as well as employees whose work cannot be performed in a remote mode due to the necessity of the Institute to operate continuously.

Nowadays, in order to prevent further spread of the coronavirus infection, the Governor of the Moscow region made a decision to suspend a considerable range of activities, except for that performed continuously, for the period of 13 – 19 April 2020. Basing on this decision and taking into account the dynamics of the COVID-19 spread in Dubna, in order to decrease the risks of the incidence with the disease among our staff, the JINR Directorate took an unprecedented decision for all 64 years of the organization’s existence to suspend scientific and educational activities in the premises in the territory of the Institute for the period of 13 – 30 April. This will cause essential changes in the work of a considerable number of structural divisions and employees. At the same time, to maintain the operation of the Institute, our employees, those who support the continuous processes ensuring the maintenance of the JINR infrastructure, finance planning and accounting processes, including accounting and payment of salaries, holding the first-priority purchases and payments, will continue to work. In their turn, heads of the divisions should take measures recommended by federal sanitary bodies to ensure safe conditions for working employees.

Up to the end of April, all construction works on the objects of the Institute will be suspended, except for the most important works conducted at the NICA complex, a part of the “Nauka” national project, as well as urgent repairs.

Due to the suspension of scientific, educational activities and construction works, the order of the admission to the DLNP and VBLHEP sites will change since 15 April. Employees will be allowed to pass to the sites only with JINR IDs and in case they are in the lists of employees admitted to JINR agreed with the JINR leaders.

Due to the current unfavorable situation with the COVID-19 incidence in the Moscow region, the permit regime will be introduced in the territory of the region since 15 April. It means that it will be possible to go out of the place of residence only on the grounds expressly provided for in the Governor’s decree.

The Dubna City Administration and leaders of the Institute have reached an understanding that JINR employees will be granted the right to freely commute to work in Dubna by transport if they present their passports and official IDs or JINR passes. In case employees do not have such documents, they should present special certificates issued by the HR office. For these purposes, foreign employees should carry the ID, the accreditation document (the MFA card) or the residence permit instead of the passport.

Nonresident employees of JINR who commute to work by private and public transport are required to obtain a digital pass (the pass is issued once for a period until 30 April 2020).

Please note that for walking out of the house (to the store, pharmacy, with a dog, etc.) no passes are required. At the same time, the JINR Directorate and JINR Operational Headquarters strongly recommend that all employees and residents of Dubna maintain the maximum self-isolation mode and minimize any exits from the house.

When filling in the information to obtain the digital pass for commuting to work, JINR employees must specify the full name of our organization (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research) or abbreviated name (JINR), as well as INN 9909125356.

The need to move around the city on transport for other purposes not related to work, will require the registration of a one-day digital pass, the cases and procedure for registration of which is specified by the Governor of the Moscow Region.

If you need to leave the city, you will need to obtain the digital pass in accordance with the established procedure, as well as always have an identity card with you. If you need to travel to Moscow or other districts of the Moscow region by official vehicle, you will also need to obtain the appropriate digital pass. The JINR Directorate and JINR Operational Headquarters call for the complete exclusion of any departures from Dubna, except for extreme necessity or for medical reasons.

The digital pass issued in the Moscow region is valid in Moscow, as well as a pass issued in Moscow is valid the Moscow region.

In order to resolve any issues related to obtaining digital passes, primarily for foreign employees, as well as in case of problems with governmental authorities when moving around the Moscow region and Moscow during the permit regime, JINR employees can contact the JINR Operational Headquarters directly by email: shtab@jinr.ru, and foreign employees can also contact the JINR Science Organization & International Cooperation Office (SO&IC Office).

Taking into account the difficult situation of employees and veterans of the Institute over 65 years old, who, due to the self-isolation regime established in March, cannot leave their places of residence, our young colleagues who are members of AYSS have independently organized a volunteer movement and help retirees in purchasing and delivering food and basic necessities to their homes. With the support of the JINR Operational Headquarters, JINR employees were informed about the possibility of receiving assistance, and interaction with various departments of JINR was established.

Since the incidence of the coronavirus continues to increase in the Moscow region and the number of fatalities is increasing, the JINR Directorate urges employees to faithfully comply with the measures restricting movements, as well as recommendations on the use of personal protective equipment, disinfection, and social distance.

Dear colleagues! In this difficult and challenging time, not only for our Institute but also for all the JINR Member States, the JINR staff shows its firmness, high professionalism and ability to find the right solutions in extraordinary situations, participation in solving common problems, respect, and careful attitude to colleagues. There is no doubt that together we will pass this difficult challenge and preserve our multinational team which is the foundation for the intellectual capital of JINR as of a world-class scientific center, and continue to perform advanced scientific research. I wish you and your close ones health, patience and optimism!

JINR Director, RAS Academician V. A. Matveev