JINR Grants for Dubna teachers!

Grants, 11 December 2020

To support the skill level and to stimulate creative activities of teachers who implement educational activities on subjects and techniques necessary for training the staff for JINR, as well as to encourage the best Dubna teachers, the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research announces an annual city contest of teachers and teachers of additional education for JINR grants.

The deadline for applications is set on 26 February 2021.

Applicants should send printed versions of documents in a single envelope to the JINR Directorate with a note “To the JINR grant competition for teachers” to the address: 141980, Moscow Region, Dubna, Joliot-Curie str. 6, room 16 and to grants@jinr.ru.

The procedure for awarding the scholarships (grants) is determined by the Regulation.

For any inquiries please call: +7 (496) 216-31-34, +7 (496) 216-32-91