JINR Grants for Dubna teachers!

Grants, 20 March 2023

12 schoolteachers of Dubna became winners of the annual competition for scholarships (grants) of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research.

The jury of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research decided to award 12 scholarships (grants) to schoolteachers and teachers of additional education of Dubna. In 2023, the total number of reviewed candidates was 20.

The winners are:

  1. Irina B. Velichko, Mathematics, Gymnasium No. 3;
  2. Aelita A. Voropai, Chemistry, School No. 2;
  3. Andrey Yu. Kovalev, teacher of additional education, “Dubna” college;
  4. Ekaterina A. Krainova, Chemistry, Yuna School;
  5. Svetlana Yu. Krylova, Mathematics, Gymnasium No. 11;
  6. Svetlana I. Legovich, teacher of additional education, “Dubna” college;
  7. Anastasia S. Marchenko, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics Lyceum named after Academician V. G. Kadyshevsky;
  8. Tatiana V. Okuneva, History, School No. 1;
  9. Vladimir G. Petrov, Mathematics, “Dubna” Lyceum;
  10. Larisa Yu. Prakhova, English, Lyceum No. 6;
  11. Elena A. Stepanova, primary school teacher, Gymnasium No. 8;
  12. Marina A. Tolchenova, English, School No. 7.

The Joint Institute for Nuclear Research has been holding this annual grant competition for 23 years thus increasing the professional level of the city’s teachers and encouraging their creative activities.

When considering applications, the jury paid attention to subjects and techniques necessary for training the staff for JINR: natural and engineering sciences, IT, advanced techniques for additional school education in natural sciences.

The annual scholarship (grant) includes a one-time money-reward of 100,000 rubles and an honorary JINR diploma.

We congratulate the winners of the competition 2023!