JINR Grants for the youth 2020: applications and reports

Grants, 30 October 2019

Submitting applications for grants 2020

The Association of Young Specialists and Scientists (AYSS) of JINR announces a Grant Competition for JINR young scientists and specialists 2020.

Young scientists and specialists of JINR, skilled staff members of the JINR Laboratories and Departments under 35 years old are invited to take part in the Grant Competition.

Terms and conditions of participation in the Competition can be found in the grant regulations on the AYSS website.

The deadline for applications is set at 6:00 PM, 22 November 2019.

For registration and submitting applications it is necessary to:

  1. Fill in the online application via the link
  2. Attach the scanned and filled in file of the application signed by the participant and the supervisor. The name of the file should be saved with the title “Grant_2020_“. The registration form is available via the link.
For any requests, please address to:

Herzenberger Svetlana, phone: +7-496-216-62-05, +7-985-912-81-25, e-mail: ernaens@mail.ru

Maria Fomina, phone: +7-496-216-36-05, +7-926-830-95-02, e-mail: masjnj.89@mail.ru

Inna Kolesnikova, phone: +7-926-056-86-79, e-mail: innakolesnikova0793@gmail.com

Andrey Pikelner, phone: +7-977-644-99-25, e-mail: pikelner@theor.jinr.ru

LIT and UC
Olga Derenovskaya, room 334, phone: +7-496-216-48-26, +7-965-263-12-03, e-mail: aysslit@gmail.com

Andrey Bezbakh, phone: +7-496-216-43-55, e-mail: bezbakh@jinr.ru

Inga Zinkovskaya, e-mail: zinikovskaia@mail.ru

Offices and departments
Olga Belova, e-mail: omatyukhina@jinr.ru

Reports on the grants 2019

According to the paragraph 4.7. part 2 of the JINR Provision on Grants to Young Scientists and Specialists (in Russian), grantees should submit an annual report on their activities in a specific form.

All 2019 grantees are obliged to fill in the annual report until 6:00 PM, 22 November 2019.

The reporting procedure in the Laboratories is at the discretion of the Laboratories themselves!

Sample reports for scientists and staff members can be found in Materials via the link Annual Report Forms.

Report applying procedure for 2019:

  1. Fill in the registration online form via the link
  2. Attach the scanned report signed by the participant and his supervisor. Please, save the application files as “Report_2019_FamilyName”.

Pay attention! If a 2019 grantee does not fill in the report, his application for 2020 will not be accepted.