JINR hosts Physics Workshop at Summer School

Education, 14 July 2023

From 6 July to 7 August, the 20th Summer School is taking place at the Volga Recreation Centre of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research. Among 23 workshops of the School, there is an Element 105 Workshop organized by JINR employees.

The Workshop aims at acquaintance with modern issues of fundamental and applied studies in the fields of nuclear physics and high energy physics. The programme of the Element 105 Workshop includes also lectures by JINR researchers and a visit to the JINR Basic Facilities Exhibition. At the final seminar, students will present their scientific reports based on their work within the Workshop.

This year, participants of the JINR Workshop could “touch” big science. At the NICA site, they learned how the Booster Accelerator and the cryogenic complex operate.

The Summer School is an educational camp open for students, senior school students, scientists, journalists, and everyone willing to broaden their knowledge. This year, more than 1,000 people have come to the Volga river bank to take part in the School.

Teachers of the School are specialists from leading universities, scientific organizations, enterprises of Russia and other countries, as well as media personalities.