JINR in “Sirius”: beginning long-term partnership

News, 23 June 2021

Grigory Trubnikov and Yuri Oganessian told students of the Educational Centre “Sirius” about scientific projects they are engaged in, as well as talked to school students in the “question-answer” format. Moreover, fields for cooperation enhancement were identified at working meetings of the JINR delegation with leaders of the Educational Foundation “Talent and Success”.

Its aim is to create an opportunity for the implementation of scientific initiatives of school children on the basis of the infrastructure of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research. Cooperation includes lectures by the Institute’s scientists for school children and students, advanced training for teachers of the Educational Foundation “Talent and Success” at JINR, internships and training programmes aimed at career guidance and shaping the career path of students. In addition, it includes joint research, spread of scientific knowledge, popularization of scientific and technological achievements.

JINR Director Grigory Trubnikov and Deputy Head of the Educational Foundation “Talent and Success” Alexey Gorbachev, as well as Rector of the Scientific and Technological University “Sirius” Roman Ivanov discussed the implementation of these initiatives at meetings.

Yuri Oganessian told schoolchildren about superheavy elements. The lecture was devoted to experimental studies of the last 20 years being underway nowadays that have led to the discovery of the so-called “Island of stability” of superheavy elements with atomic numbers from 112 to 118.

Grigory Trubnikov in his lecture raised the topic of great challenges humanity has been facing in recent decades. Many countries unite efforts and construct large-scale scientific facilities: telescopes and colliders, thermonuclear reactors and super powerful lasers, supercomputers and superpowerful networks, mega-laboratories for the study of the human genome and the brain. School students have learned what mega-science facilities are being created in Russia and what we can be proud of, what the scientific world focuses on now, why particularly international science is one of the keys to preserving peace on Earth.

The Educational Foundation “Talent and Success” was established by outstanding figures in science, art, and sports in 2014 by the decision of President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin who heads its Board of Trustees. In 2015, the Foundation opened the Educational Centre “Sirius” aimed at early identification, development, and further professional support of children who have shown outstanding abilities in art, sports, natural sciences, and technical creativity. Up to 800 children aged from 10 to 17 from all regions of Russia come here every month. Since 2019, the Innovative Scientific-Technological Centre and the Scientific-Technological University has been operating in the “Sirius” ecosystem that allow short-term intense modules, as well as master and postgraduate programmes. Since 2020, the Lyceum “Sirius” was established for 1-11 grades with the pre-school department. Since 2021, it also includes IT College. Since December 2020, the administrative-territorial unit called Sirius urban-type settlement is the first federal territory in Russia.